What Is CrossFit?

There’s a new type of workout that’s been sweeping across the globe over the past few years. It’s CrossFit and you’ve probably read about it on social media or have heard about it from people you know. People of all ages and skill levels have been raving about this workout, making these fitness programs popular while helping to improve health and fitness in Americans. But what exactly is this phenomenon all about and why is so helpful? Here’s a helpful guide for you from CrossFit Rock Hill to show you why you should visit us to start your new workout regimen:

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit was created by Greg Glassman in 2000. At its core, it’s designed to improve health and fitness through high intensity functional movements. Parts of the CrossFit regimen focus on what Glassman calls the core movements. These movements give you the most bang for your buck, since they involve the muscles in our bodies that are used to move large objects over long distances in short amounts of time. These workouts include elements of many other types of fitness programs or sports. These include weightlifting, running, rowing, gymnastics, and many more.

It’s time for you to feel healthy, strong, and motivated—about your workout and about your life. CrossFit Rock Hill is here to help you achieve both. Contact us today to learn more or visit our Rock Hill, SC gym during one of our scheduled free introductory sessions.

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