CFE Run Wod


  • Warm up: 12 jumping jacks, 10 mountain climbers, 10 walking lunges, 10 russian baby makers,  10 pushups, samson stretch, ankle mobility, calf stretch.
  • Skill: 30 sec each of 92-94-96 cadence
  • Run: Level I: 5 miles
  • Level II: 6 x 400m with any easy 300m in between each interval.
  • Level III: 5 x 400m with an easy 200m in between each interval.
  • Cool Down: Max plank holds, Russian twist, V-ups, Glute Bridge, Couch/Hamstring stretch and mobility with Coach Jan.


  • Warm up: 300m row, 10 leg swings fwd and lateral, 10 over the fence, 10 knee to chest, 10 figure 4, 10 squats, samson stretch, nakle mobility, calf stretch.
  • Skill: Jump rope drill 2x
  • Run: Level I: 6 x 1000m with an easy 600m in between.
  • Level II: 4-5 x 1000m with an easy 400m in between .
  • Level III: 4-5 x 800m wth an easy 200m in between.
  • Cool Down: 3 x 10 of 20 situps,  max time side plank hold, 2×10 superman with pause at top, couch/hamstring/calf stretch and mobility with Coach Jan.