5 Ways to Eat Healthy During Football Season

As you well know, participating in your favorite exercise programs is only part of staying healthy. Your diet is equally important. While choosing healthy food options is something that can become a habit, it’s often hard to do during football season. How can you enjoy tailgates and parties without undoing all your hard work? Here are five tips from CrossFit Rock Hill.

  1. Plan for gameday in advance – Plan ahead for your gameday activities. If you know you’ll be surrounded by unhealthy foods, take control by bringing better options to share with the group.
  2. Eat before you go – If you show up hungry to a tailgate, you’ll probably overindulge. Eat something healthy and filling before you go to the game or a party. Then choose snacks of vegetables or fruits once you arrive.
  3. Avoid high-calorie drinks – Sodas and alcoholic beverages are loaded with calories. Drink more water before and during the game. This will help you feel fuller, too.
  4. Keep moving – Get up and move around as often as you can. If you don’t want to miss any of the action, stretch or take a short walk during breaks in the game.
  5. Stay focused – Finally, don’t let temptation get to you. Set reminders about your food goals so you can stay focused on your health.

Stay in shape this fall by eating well, drinking lots of water, and keeping up with your exercise programs. CrossFit Rock Hill is here to help you create a healthier life.

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