Working with certified CrossFit trainers and coaches is one of the primary keys to your success. At CrossFit Rock Hill, we make sure every coach has achieved one or more credentials for your safety and development.

CF-L1: CrossFit Level 1 Certification is a multi-day training course that requires the trainee to demonstrate a competent understanding of the primary points of performance of the foundational movements. Coaches are trained to perform the foundational movements safely and identify when they have committed a form error. Coaches must be able to correct movement when training others. Coaches understand how to scale to the ability of the individual athlete.

CF-L2: CrossFit Level 2 Certification comes from a much heavier engaged CrossFit training with the Coach’s demonstration of leading small groups with critical feedback from CrossFit Instructors. Level 2 explains effective programming for athletes and programming implementation.

CF-Mobility: CrossFit Mobility certification is achieved through a hands on, movement theory based workshop where coaches and athletes will be exposed to the principles of Kelly Starrett’s Movement and Mobility Method of resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic performance.

CFE: Crossfit Endurance certification comes from an in-depth, multi-day trainer course for learning, studying, and applying the principles of CrossFit Endurance – training, programming, nutrition, recovery, injury prevention, and care. Learn effective tools for coaching overtrained athletes.

CF-Rowing: CrossFit Rowing certification course includes learning rowing technique, technical error analysis and correction, verbal cues, rowing physiology and kinesiology, how to structure a CrossFit rowing workout, and maximizing rowing power and efficiency.

CF-Kids: CrossFit Kids certification comes from a multi-day trainer course for those interested in the specifics of teaching CrossFit to children and adolescents. Learn child-specific cues for foundational CrossFit movements, scaling, progressions, and drills. Learn how to pair fitness with fun.

Crossfit Rock Hill Coach Dan Martinez


I’ve been a competitive athlete for what seems like my whole life. I grew up in Texas playing competitive soccer, which brought me to Rock Hill, SC to play Division 1 soccer at Winthrop University. As my soccer career ended I transitioned to competitive beach volleyball where I travel mostly up and down the East coast competing in various smaller, professional circuits.

Before CrossFit, it seemed I was always the oddball in the corner of the gym focusing more on plyometrics, agility, endurance and functional movement. Needless to say, when I found CrossFit Rock Hill in 2011 I was no longer the oddball. I fit right in. I’ve been here ever since.

CrossFit Rock Hill Coach Patrick Mitrovich


CrossFit Rock Hill Coach Michael Catoe


CrossFit Rock Hill Coach Kelly Hawkins



11 years Gymanstic Coach
I was first introduced to CrossFit in April of 2012 while employed at a globo gym as a part time personal trainer. As you can imagine, I looked at fitness in a completely different light after my first intro class. Not only have I acquired my CF-L1 and served in the fitness industry for a couple of years, I am also approaching my 10th year of coaching competitive gymnastics. I feel that my extensive knowledge in gymnastics lends well to CrossFit’s training beliefs and I am looking forward to helping people become better, stronger versions of themselves.

CrossFit Rock Hill Coach Ashley Patrick

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
I decided to give CrossFit a try after realizing that my fitness and motivation to exercise had reached a serious plateau. I came to CFRH as a certified group fitness instructor and ex-collegiate soccer player, so I have always maintained a passion for coaching and being competitive. My hope was that CrossFit would provide the type of environment that would allow me to utilize my competitive nature while also forcing me to improve upon my current fitness level. Not only have I been challenged physically, but I am constantly being pushed to become tougher mentally as well.
An even bigger bonus of CrossFit, for me, is being part of such an amazing community. They’re your support system when you need encouragement but also your competitor when you need to be pushed.
Before starting CrossFit, I moved to Rock Hill to attend Winthrop University where I completed my Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition. I started my own health and wellness company – NutritionRx – and am now working alongside CFRH to provide its members the full-spectrum of health through nutrition and fitness. As the on-site registered dietitian at CFRH, I work with individuals to increase their knowledge of nutrition and help them improve their health through the foods they eat. I also enjoy working with athletes of all kinds, educating them on ways to fuel their activity and improve their performance. As a coach and dietitian, my main goal is to educate and empower others to make healthy choices and become a better version of themselves each and every day.

CrossFit Rock Hill Coach Greg Cognetti


CrossFit Rock Hill Coach Matt Zocco

Masters Degree in Sports and Fitness Administration.
Originally from Connecticut, where being active was always apart of my life. I played various sports, baseball, golf, tennis, and basketball throughout my time. In Connecticut, I coached high school tennis and basketball for 6 years where we empathized off-season conditioning. During that time I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science.

When I moved to SC to attend Winthrop University for my Masters Degree in Sports and Fitness Administration, I wanted to find that sense of community I remembered from playing sports. And I did when I found CrossFit Rock Hill. CrossFit has pushed me outside my comfort zone and helped me grow not only as an athlete but also as an individual.

CrossFit Rock Hill Coach Oscar Terrazas

OSCAR TERRAZAS Fitness has always been something dear to me. I grew up playing a wide range of sports ranging from Tae-kwon-do to semi-pro rugby. Thanks to all those years playing sports I am able to appreciate the fun, competitive nature of CrossFit that is accompanied by camaraderie and sense of community.
I got introduced to CrossFit during college and enjoyed it so much it immediately became a passion. I wanted to become more disciplined at it so I went on to acquire my CF-L1 and USA Weightlifting SP-L1 certifications during my graduate school studies in Denver, CO. I became a part-time coach at a great CrossFit gym that allowed me to learn and develop as a coach to help others meet their fitness goals.
I am blessed to be able to work out and coach at CFRH. Work brought me to Rock Hill, SC and I was immediately taken in by the great community of CFRH. I’m always surrounded by amazing individuals that help and push each other every day. CrossFit is so much more than just working out – it’s a way to constantly challenge yourself both physically and mentally.