3 Ways to Stay in Shape at the Office

Exercise is often shuffled aside due to busy work schedules. So how can you keep up with both work and working out? At CrossFit Rock Hill, we specialize in workout routines that fit your life. But what about when you can’t make it to the gym? Here are three ways to stay in shape at the office.

  1. Commute on a bike – Biking to work is an easy way to fit exercise into your workday. Even better, it can make your commute fun. Plus, it allows you to get some fresh air before you head inside for the day.
  2. Sit up straight – Keeping an upright and firm posture with your stomach tucked in can also be an at-work workout. Upright postures target your core muscles, engaging them to help you stay stable and improve balance.
  3. Stand and stretch frequently – Whenever you get the opportunity to stand up and stretch, don’t skip it. Sitting for long periods of time can be bad for your health. Take time to get up and walk around or at least stand up for a bit at a time.

If you’re interested in joining a gym that provides first-rate workout routines that work with the rest of your schedule, visit CrossFit Rock Hill. Let us show you how our exercise program may be right for you.

Working Long Hours? 4 Ways to Fit in Exercise

Are you struggling to find time to exercise due to a busy work schedule? It may seem like schedule-friendly fitness programs are few and far between. But sometimes all it takes is a little perspective to find solutions that work. CrossFit Rock Hill has four tips on how to fit exercise around your work:

  1. Focus on favorite exercises – If you don’t have much time to exercise, why not spend it doing something you like? If you hate running, don’t run! If you love to hike, get out and do it. CrossFit provides a wide variety of fitness programs and workouts for you to try out.
  2. Don’t stress yourself out – Exercise should relieve stress, not cause it. Stressing yourself out will make your workouts to lose any benefit and can even hurt your self-esteem. Be satisfied with any amount of exercise you can fit in.
  3. Create a workout-specific schedule – Consider creating a separate exercise schedule that works with your professional one. Try to stick with it as much as possible.
  4. Track yourself – Keep track of your exercise objectives. Celebrate when you accomplish a goal. Acknowledge areas where you need to improve.
  5. Invite co-workers to join in – Sometimes the best motivator is having a competitor. If you’re struggling to get inspired, invite co-workers to work out with you. Having friends to exercise with makes it easy and way more fun.

Stop the endless search for fitness programs that fit your schedule perfectly. Instead, discover the time-friendly fitness regimen that is CrossFit. Visit CrossFit Rock Hill to learn more!

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