What’s an Average CrossFit Class Like?

If you’ve ever thought about joining a CrossFit class, you’re probably wondering what an average session is like – and you’re not alone! Many who are new to this fitness regimen ask this question. As a gym offering CrossFit classes near you, CrossFit Rock Hill is here to help. Here is what you can expect from an average class at our CrossFit gym:

  1. Warm up – As with any workout, the first step is to warm up properly. During warm ups, our coaches will lead you through squats, jumping jacks, pushups, and other exercises to get your body stretched and ready for the rest of the session.
  2. Skill and strength days – Every CrossFit class swaps between skill days and strength days. On skill days, you and a coach will hone your CrossFit skills and focus on ways to improve your techniques. On strength days, coaches will work with you to increase your power. Keep in mind that on strength days, you should expect to do some heavy lifting.
  3. Workout of the day (WOD)– In addition to skill and strength days, every day will have a set workout, or WOD. In a WOD, coaches will lead you through numerous CrossFit maneuvers in a fast-paced setting.
  4. Cool down – Each class finishes with a cool down period. Stretch with the group or on your own as you relax after an effective workout. This is also a good time to reflect on how your body feels.

Are you looking to join a gym offering CrossFit classes near you? Visit CrossFit Rock Hill. Our qualified coaches will help you get on the right path to better fitness and a healthier life!

What Are Different CrossFit Classes Like?

Many people who are looking to improve their health and fitness will look at local gyms and the classes they offer to find the right type of workout. While in the process of researching Rock Hill gyms, we hope you’ll consider signing up for CrossFit classes at CrossFit Rock Hill. Here’s some information about the different types of sessions we offer:

  • Introductory Classes – If you’re trying CrossFit for the first time, we offer free introductory classes that give you a good overview of what we do. These classes are important because they help you feel comfortable with this particular style of training.
  • On Ramp/Elements Classes – Our on ramp or elements classes teach the core foundations of CrossFit. Among other things, our coaches will work with you on the proper form for squats, overhead presses, deadlifts, and other common moves.
  • Standard Classes – Once you’ve completed these classes, you’re ready to join us for our regular fitness sessions. If you’ve ever wondered what a WOD is, this will be your chance to find out! Most of the workouts we offer will be done in this type of setting. These classes generally run for about 45 minutes to an hour.

When you’re ready to take charge of your health and fitness, visit CrossFit Rock Hill. We’re one of the top Rock Hill gyms and our coaches are ready to help you get started on your journey to a better life.

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