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5 Ways to Stay Fit During Your Holiday Travels

One of the benefits of CrossFit is that you can almost always find an affiliate program near you – no matter where you go. But sometimes even the best plans don’t work out. As your local gym offering CrossFit in Fort Mill and Rock Hill, SC, CrossFit Rock Hill has five ways you can get in a quick workout during your holiday travels:

  1. Walk the terminal – If you’re waiting to get on a flight, use the free time to walk around the terminal. Stay active for as much as you can during these delays.
  2. Locate walking routes – When you arrive to your destination, ask about local walking trails. By taking a brisk walk or run on these routes, you can enjoy the beauty of the area and get a good workout at the same time.
  3. Turn your room into a mini gym – Turn your hotel room into a small workout area. Use this space for your daily stretches and other exercises.
  4. Use your own body weight – When you are working out in the hotel room, don’t forget to do some strengthening workouts. Make sure you do your crunches, squats, and other exercises using the resistance of your own body weight.
  5. Jog in place – This time of year, it might be too chilly to do your usual outside exercise. Try jogging in place, walking around your room, or using the exercise equipment in your hotel. This way, you can still get that workout and stay warm at the same time!

Are you looking for CrossFit in Fort Mill or Rock Hill, SC this holiday season? Join CrossFit Rock Hill at one of our free introductory sessions. We can’t wait to help you stay in shape this holiday season!

Traveling This Holiday? Find a CrossFit Near You

Are you traveling this season? Many people find that travel and other holiday festivities throw them out of their normal workout routines. However, if you do CrossFit, you can find affiliates all over the world! CrossFit Rock Hill wants to share a few reasons why you should find a CrossFit near you during your holiday travels:

  • Breaking the “big box” idea – CrossFit strives to break the traditional “big box” (franchise) fitness concept that other commercial gyms follow. CrossFit affiliates focus on helping participants achieve confidence and physical growth through ethical, healthy workouts.
  • CrossFit’s concept – CrossFit affiliates are groups of licensed fitness trainers united around the same cause: to provide effective, practical exercise. These trainers use reliable resources to create routines for participants across the globe, all done under the CrossFit name.
  • Continuing your workout – No matter where you go, CrossFit affiliates have the same workout programs in place to help you continue your workout routine. Our goal is to help you maintain consistency for better results.

If you’re traveling to the Rock Hill area this holiday season, visit CrossFit Rock Hill. We invite you to experience our exercise programs as a part of your holiday fun! Call today to learn about our free introductory sessions.

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