Workout of the Day: 08.29.17

12 Min EMOM: odd: 10 T2B, even: 10 wall ball
8 min AMRAP:
4 KB Double OHS, 53/35#
8 KB Double Thruster, 53/35#
12 KB (SINGLE) Swing, 53/35#

Workout of the Day: 09.01.17

800M KB Farmer Carry, 53/35#
400M Front Rack Run, 45/25lb plate
200M OH Run, 45/25lb plate
100M walking lunges, 45/25lb plate any way you want to hold
transition into the next movement, no built in rest

Workout of the Day: 08.22.17

CFE Run Wod Please meet at the box at 5:30pm
Warm up: 10 walking knee to chest, 10 figure 4, 10 side to side lunges, 10 butt kicks, 10 walk on toes,10 walk on heels, 10 jump squats, samson stretch, ankle mobility, calf stretch
Run: Tabata 20 rounds of: 20 sec run, 10 sec sprint.
Cool Down: CFE recovery, hamstring/couch stretch

Workout of the Day: 08.16.17

Wednesday August 16th
AMRAP 15: Min 1-5: 15 Wall Ball, 1 Rope Ascent Min 6-10: 10 Wall Ball, 10 T2B Min 11-15: 5 Wall Ball, 20 KB Swings (53/35#)

Workout of the Day: 08.17.17

Thursday August 17th:
Decline Pushups: 5 x10; use a band for more resistance if needed Single arm KB Row: 5x10; use heaviest weight with good form Floor DB or Barbell presses: 4 x 8 Barbell Row with same weight as floor presses: 4 x 5-8